Tomato, Cheese & Herb Dog Biscuits

Tomato, Cheese & Herbs: Pooches absolutely got nuts when they smell a pizza in the house! So BnT formulated its very own pizza flavoured biscuits that are healthy, fresh and formulated keeping in mind the canine nutrition prospective.

Ingredients: Dog Friendly Cheese, Seedless Red Tomatoes, Dog Friendly Herbs, Eggs, Coconut Oil, Gluten Free Flour.

Key Benefits

  • Contains all natural ingredient that are slow baked to perfection.
  • No artificial preservatives and no artificial food colouring.
  • Gluten free products with no salt and sugar.
  • They are premium quality products made with real ingredients that you can trust.
  • We use cheese that is high in protein content to supplement the treats.
  • We use seedless red tomatoes that are a great source of vitamin C.
  • We use genuine coconut oil that we have sourced from South India to make these biscuits extra special and healthy.

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