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BarknTreat | Our Story

It takes adversity to realise the most important things in Life. My first Shih Tzu puppy was very weak and frail one when we got him. Hence, this situation propelled me to research and provide the best nutrition and treats for my baby. On my journey of educating myself on canine nutrition, I realised that all kinds of chemicals, preservatives are put into dog treats which in the long run have terrible consequences. I then decided to formulate and make my own treats which were made with real ingredients without any chemicals or preservatives. With the necessary changes in his diet, my Shih tzu transformed into a perfectly healthy one year old. This is the point I decided to dedicate my entire life to not just making treats for my dogs but making a difference in my own small way in as many dog’s lives as possible. The realisation led to the birth of Bark & Treat.