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About Us

What is Bark n' Treat?

Bark n' Treat Canine Bakery is a startup passionate about providing healthy exclusive dog treats. Our mission is to facilitate and harness the relationship between the dogs and their parents through our freshly baked products.

Why buy our cakes and treats?

Slow Oven Baking Process – The oven baking process here takes much longer than regularly prepared dog treats. We make the extra effort to ensure that the slow cooking process retains the goodness of all fine ingredients that we use. 
    Reduced Allergen Exposure – We only produce gluten free treats. We do not include any form of wheat or corn in our recipes. We also have specialized categories of cookies catering to the various allergy and intolerance that your dog may be suffering from.
      Organic Food Colouring – Research shows that artificial colors compromise the immunity of the dogs and subject them to viral illness and even cancer. Through the use of only thoroughly researched vegetable food colouring, we ensures that our treats and cakes are both safe and healthy for our furry friends. In fact, our manually extracted food colors supplement their diets with additive benefits of antioxidants. 
        Balance Formulation – Our ingredients have selected after extensive research and reviews from local veterinarians. This is to ensure that our treats are palatable, low calorie and nutrient rich. Making our goodies something well balanced and sustainable for your dogs.

        How did it all start?

        Our founder's first Shih Tzu puppy was weak, frail and traumatized when she got him. This propelled her investigate the best nutrition for her baby pup. On her journey of educating herself on canine nutrition, she realised that store bought pet food contained several chemicals and preservatives which in the long run have terrible consequences for our pets.
        She started off by making her own treats and food with real natural ingredients. With the necessary changes in diet, her Shih Tzu grew into a perfectly healthy one year old. At this point she decided to dedicate her efforts to not just making treats for her own dogs but making a difference in her own small way in as many dog’s lives as possible.