BarknTreat | About Us

What is Bark n Treat?

Bark & Treat Canine Bakery is a startup passionate about providing healthy exclusive dog treats. We here at BnT use all natural, chemical free and human grade ingredients to make our treats. Our wholesome recipes provide an all around, well-balanced nutrition for your canine babies. 

 AT BnT, our mission is to facilitate and harness the relationship between the dogs and their parents through our freshly baked products. They are prepared by people who love their pets and hence they always BAKED with LOVE. :):)

BnT is about fresh and natural ingredients, delicious treats, cold noses and tail wagging galore!!

 Why Bark n Treat?

At Bark n Treat we believe that our dogs deserve a healthy and fun way to be treated. And why not!! Dogs have kept us warm at night, got smiles on our faces during our saddest times, protected our homes and have been there for us like no human could… all without a thought in their furry heads about repayments for all this.

Team BnT not only makes exceptional and delicious dog treats but also understands needs of your pets, their pallet as well as their overall health profile.  On the basis of these two factors we also suggest which treats will suit your pet.

Other than our standardized products we also provide customization services. We can tailor make treats for your dogs, which are completely based on your requirement in terms of the ingredients used. 

This is just not it! We also do pup cakes, cakes and doogie bags for birthdays and other occasions.  Reach out to us for details around any of the products. Would love to treat your pets with the best J


Why you must opt for organic treats by Bark n Treat?

  • Slow Oven Baking Process – The oven baking process at BnT takes much longer than regularly prepared dog treats. We make the extra effort to ensure that the slow cooking process retains the goodness of all fine ingredients that we use. 
  • Reduced Allergen Exposure – BnT only produces gluten free treats. We do not include any form wheat or corn in our recipes. We also have specialized categories of cookies catering to the various allergy and intolerance that your dog may be suffering from. For example grain allergies, lactose intolerance etc. 
  • Organic Food Colouring – We at BnT, use thoroughly researched vegetable food colouring only. It is not only safe for the canine but also supplements their diets with benefits of antioxidants. In none of our products, artificial food colors are used. Artificial food colors and dyes are added to treats not for the benefits of dogs but simply added to satisfy the idea of how dog goodies should look like to their parents. Research shows that artificial colors compromise the immunity of the dogs and subject them to viral illness and even cancer. 
  • Balance Formulation – BnT sincerely focuses on overall impact of the treats on dogs. Extensive research and reviews from vets have gone into selection of the ingredients such as the fruits, meats and flours to ensure a low calorie and well balance diet.


What was the intention behind Bark n Treat?

It takes adversity to realise the most important things in Life. My first Shih Tzu puppy was very weak and frail one when we got him. Hence, this situation propelled me to research and provide the best nutrition and treats for my baby. On my journey of educating myself on canine nutrition, I realised that all kinds of chemicals, preservatives are put into dog treats which in the long run have terrible consequences. I then decided to formulate and make my own treats which were made with real ingredients without any chemicals or preservatives. With the necessary changes in his diet, my Shih tzu transformed into a perfectly healthy one year old. This is the point I decided to dedicate my entire life to not just making treats for my dogs but making a difference in my own small way in as many dog’s lives as possible. The realisation led to the birth of Bark & Treat.