Barbeque Chicken Dog Jerky

Barbecue Chicken Jerkies: How do you take the chicken jerky on another level! ? You barbecue it! No Pooch can resist this! These freshly baked jerkies are marinated for 7 hours with a homemade barbecue sauce which is packed with flavour and supplements the health of your pooch!

Ingredients: Real Chicken, Dog Friendly Barbecue Sauce.

Key Benefits

  • We use fresh, human grade quality chicken.
  • These jerkies are glutenfree, grainfree and sugar free.
  • They are have no artificial preservatives and no artificial colours.
  • These are a great source of pure protein intake for the dogs.
  • The bbq sauce has great supplements like Apple Cider Vinegar and Raw Honey.
  • Ingredients: 100% Real Chicken and Barbecue sauce

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