The How-To's Of Road Tripping With Poochies

Transportation isn't designed keeping in mind the pets, it is important to do a little homework so that you can hit the roads with confidence and can have a wonderful time. With a little bit of organization ahead of time, a comfortable trip with your dog can be executed. Here are a few tips you can follow before you wanderlust with your furry friend! I did the same while travelling with my two little Shituz and took some precautionary steps to ensure their travel was a comfortable one.


Vet Consultation: A general checkup before the trip is essential to ensure that the dog is fit to travel. Make sure, you ask for medicines to overcome motion sickness as well.
Trial Outing: Take your pooch on a drive for 30-45 minutes to evaluate how he/she acquits during the trip. Every dog acts in a different manner, some get extremely excited whereas for some it is fretful.
Pet Friendly Resorts: It should be an absolute priority to do an in depth research about the properties you wish take your dog to. Check on online platforms that the properties you are researching about are dog friendly. Double check with the hotel staff on call to confirm if their property is dog friendly. Also enquire about the dog friendly meals and the extra payments that some resorts may ask for.
Duration of Travel: if it is your first time, try to not go on a long journey, a 4-6 hour of ride is recommended
Packing for the dog: Just like human babies even they need a lot of small things at any given point of time. Here is a suggestive list of things to carry: Harness and Leash, Food and water bowls, Doggie BedDog food (Incase), Portable pet bottle ,Wet Wipes ,Puppy pads, First aid kit, Dry bath solution, Towels, His favorite toys,  Blanket and Bed,  Dog treats and chews, Tick Spray, Combs and brushes, Medication
This is a generic list; however you can add more supplies as per your dog’s requirement:
Do look at the weather forecast – This can help your to ensure a safe journey for you and your dog. If it is pouring heavily you can delay your trip or plan a slow road journey. If it is too cold, you can ensure you can carry warm clothes for your pet. Basically, depending on the weather you can plan well your trip.


Road Trip:

On D-day, make sure that you kick-start the trip with confidence and positive energy, this way you will be able to contribute in boosting the dog.


Trial Walks: Take your dog for a long walk before starting the trip, this way they will remain calm and relaxed in the course of travel.

Mid Travel Breaks:Try having frequent breaks and opportunities to burn-off a bit of pent-up energy will help to make your dog a happy travel.

Snacking: Give them the small amount of snacks from time to time to make sure that they aren’t empty stomach

Motion Sickness: Be mindful of Canine Car Sickness symptoms, some of them are; uneasiness, vomiting, restlessness etc. An antacid prior to the travel may help in calming down your furry's stomach.

Crate – As much as you may hate to do this, it is important you crate your dog. This is more crucial for medium to large breed dogs. Make sure your buddy’s crate is safe. You can make the crate more comfortable by placing his favorite blanket, toys and your used clothes in it. This can make sure that he is at ease.


Setting foot-at the Destination:

Overexcited Pooch: Once you arrive at your destination, your dog will be over excited about the new place and the new smells. Give them a long walk on the leash so that he can explore the area and feel more at ease in the new place.


Scan the area - Enquire with the staff the areas your dog has access too. Take a walk to where you would like your dog to play! This will greatly reduce the probability of a mishap of any kind.


Feeding – Your dog has not eaten for a really long time. Feed your dog the moment everything is settled.