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Importance of feeding chicken to your dog

Importance of feeding chicken to your dog

September 4th, 2020

By - Meghashree Das

All dogs have evolved from wolves thousands of years ago. They have a smaller digestive tract and have a lot of acid in their stomach resulting in a perfect system suitable for breaking down meat. For both these reasons stated, they are predominantly carnivores.

Chicken is a boon for dogs, we can bake it with some sprinkled herbs  and boil it with some dog friendly veggies. Depending on how your dog likes to eat the chicken, you can even serve it with some complex carbs for a wholesome nutritious meal.

What are the benefits of feeding chicken to your dog?

It is one of the best meats to feed your canine.

Chicken is a lean meat which can provide a tonne of benefit to your dog. It is one of the most popular and easily available meat that can be a part of your dog’s diet. It is a good source energy for your dog and even gives your dog the boost for the daily calorie count.

Chicken is one the most easy digestible proteins and is relished by most dogs. It is easily available and is easy on the pocket making it one of the most obvious choices of pet food.

The organ meat in the chicken is nutrient packed.

The heart, liver and kidney of the chicken should be an integral part of a dog’s diet as it supplements your dog’s diet in so many ways. They are an enriching source of vitamins A, B, D and F. They also provide minerals like copper, zinc , phosphorus etc.  It can be about 20% of an overall dog’s diet.

 It provides essential minerals and acids to your dog

Chicken contains glucosamine and all the essential amino acids which are required to keep your dog healthy. Glucosamine helps in the growth of bone health in your dog and even helps them to build on their lean muscle.

Giving you pooch all natural chicken treats.

Chicken is a suitable choice of training and treating both as dog’s are strongly attracted to its smell and taste. You can spoil or train your dog in any way you feel is best for him or her.

All natural chicken treats are slow cooked at low temperatures which lock in all the nutrients and the juicy flavours of the meet. Also they are made of human grade chicken parts and don’t have any preservatives in them. Hence, they should be most ideal treats to be selected.

 What are the don’ts you need to follow while feeding chicken to your dog?

  1. Make sure that you don’t overfeed your pup. There is a perfect quantity which you can feed to your pup or your dog for a certain amount of time. If you overfeed chicken to your dog then it can directly contribute indigestion and vomiting.
  2. There should be absolutely no bones present in the chicken you are about to feed your pooch. Bones or splinters from the chicken can rupture the stomach and the intestines which can be fatal to your dog.
  3. It is advised not to feed raw chicken to your dog can be a dangerous thing to do. Raw chicken consists of growing bacteria that concerns the health of your dog. In turn, you can always feed them better meat which is cooked or boiled.
  4. Do not give large chunks of chicken in one go. Shred the chicken into pieces if you want to feed your dog for the first time and introduce them to the taste of chicken. It ensures effective digestion and assimilation of the meat.
  5. Give fresh chicken to your dog. It is advisable that you get a clean report from your vet regarding feeding chicken to your dog.


These are the various benefits of feeding chicken to your dog. Chicken is a lean form of meat and making it a regular part of your dog’s diet will benefit your pooch hugely and is a sustainable source of protein.